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Monday, 8 December 2014

First Fact!

Hello there!

Sorry if I am late posting this post.You see,welcome to my first fact!

Did you you know that prunes can make your hiccups stop?

Don't believe me ha?Try it out!

Well,this is Miss Comel Facts!I don't take other fresh facts from other web or blog.

It all started in a fine night.I was playing with my brother and I could not stop to laugh!Suddenly,my hiccups appear in no where.

At that time,I was a bit of hungry.So,I try to find something to eat at the refrigator[The spelling is correct right?]

Then I saw prunes!Fresh prunes.I just eat one.After eating about 3 prunes,I realized that my hiccups stopped!

Hmmm...Yummy prunes...

I wanna eat some prunes right know!Ok,see you later,any questions,chat with me at the chatbox!


Miss Comel

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